About Us

We imagine you're here to learn a little more about Boutique Marti. Or maybe you're here by mistake.
Either way, we're glad you found us - here is who is behind the company!

Boutique Marti is a family business - as in, the entire family is in on it! Whether it's in front of the camera, behind the scenes, manufacturing, buying, or building the site, every member of the family plays a role! Not only that, but we have also convinced some good friends to be a part of this fun adventure!

Tadas & Robertina - Cofounders

As if being related wasn't enough, these two decided to go into business together. With Tadas' programming expertise and Robertina's eye for unique fashion, an online boutique was the perfect recipe. Our goal for Boutique Marti is to provide a one-of-a-kind online shopping experiencen at an affordable price.

Monique - Photographer

The moment Monique made the decision to pursue her passion of photography, we had her in our sights. We are proud to say everything you see from the website to social media to marketing, is done by this incredibly talented photographer.

Kristina - Model

Being the youngest of the three siblings, this gorgeous girl didn't have much of a choice other than to be part of the team! At such a young age she already has a great sense of style, and it shows - through both her modeling pictures and her event appearances!

Models - Models - Models

All of the girls that model for us do it because they love our clothes! We don't hire models, we don't go crazy with photoshop, and we don't have a size requirement. We strive to provide cute clothes to women of all sizes and all professions! Love our clothes and want to be part of the team? Click here and fill out the form!